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Donaldson Range

From Duramax spin-ons to high pressure elements, we offer a huge range of alternative hydraulic filtration solutions to the Donaldson range. 

All of our FilterFinder alternative hydraulic elements are inspected before despatch and are designed to equal or often exceed the OEM Donaldson products when it comes to product quality, performance and reliability.  

To search and discover our alternative hydraulic filters to the Donaldson range, use our search bar above to search the OEM part number and we’ll list our range of high-quality FilterFinder options.

Donaldson Ranges we offer

P160000 • P170000 • P500000 • P520000 • P530000 • P550000 • P560000 • P570000 • P760000 • P770000 • P780000 • P920000 • TCO500 • TCO501

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